E-Link Entertainment Ltd. | About Us
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About Us


Founded in 2013 as an international video games publishing and distribution company, E- Link Entertainment is a collaboration between video games industry experts from the East and West. Video games are truly global by nature, but they also need some assistance to maximize their impact in different markets. E-Link Entertainment was formed to provide this missing link to game developers, unlocking overseas markets and gaining more revenue.


E-Link Entertainment presents a range of services to video game developers and publishers in order to increase global revenue and maximize opportunities from their games. With a dedicated and experienced work force, and a deep network of connections with game developers, publishers and distribution networks, they are able to provide the right advice, present the right opportunities and identify the right distribution channels for your games.


E-Link Entertainment maintains a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work, and is enjoyable and profitable for all.


E-Link Entertainment has a head office located in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada, and is conveniently situated between Yaletown and Gastown. This location provides a gateway to some of the best gaming talent and studios in the world, as well as easy access and communication with our international partners.


Eric (Yang) Zhang,
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Zhang has a phenomenal track record with over 10 years in the IT industry, managing new ventures and bringing start-up companies to profitability. His commanding expertise in business management and development has propelled his ability to understand the core of a business, leading companies to continual growth and profitability year-on-year.

Mark Newington,

Chief Operating Officer

Mark is an experienced senior executive leader with a diverse background spanning games development, business leadership, and scientific research. He boasts a proven record of success with market leaders such as Electronic Arts, The 3DO Company, and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals as well as operating as the VP of Business Development at Roadhouse Interactive.


Mark has more than 20 years experience in the video games and hi-tech industry, and has successfully established and operated international game distribution agencies Yinwuweiye Media Corporation (YMC Games), LM2x Entertainment and The Game Boosters, across multiple locations in Canada and China. He has a solid understanding and appreciation of different gaming cultures and has successfully negotiated international business deals bridging different cultures.

Evan (Zhixin) Liang,
Vice President

Zhixin specializes in corporate strategy and investment. His expertise in business valuation and analysis are invaluable in evaluating new opportunities, with expert guidance on developmental strategy to maximize any investment. Liang has over 10 years of experience in Investment Management, exercising sound judgement and analysis.

Lisa (Limei) Zheng,
Vice President

Lisa is adept at analyzing every aspect of a game, from core loop to monetization, on virtually every major platform/network. Through her years of experience analyzing games and developing revenue-optimization strategies, she has led production/development teams throughout execution, bringing games to new heights. She is an expert in both development and publishing.