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Bring your PC game to China with E-Link

Bring your PC game to China with E-Link

The video game marketplace is expanding year on year and Eastern markets like China are thriving and growing at a rapid pace.

According to Newzoo, the industry as a whole is fast approaching $109 Billion in terms of games revenue. China accounts for roughly 25% of this estimate at $27.5 Billion and remains the largest market in the world for PC gaming. In fact, in 2016, PC gaming accounted for approximately 51% of their annual revenue with $13.1 billion in consumer spending*.

While the Chinese marketplace is an exciting prospect for PC game developers in the West, there’s an understandable concern surrounding how to successfully penetrate a foreign marketplace, monetize their games, and compete alongside much bigger and more established brands.



Larger “AAA” studios tend to have dedicated marketing teams and sizable budgets to put towards user acquisition and PR promotion across multiple marketplaces. In comparison, independent game developers do not necessarily have the same amount of time, resources or budget to enjoy a similar level of exposure that can help to build a larger player base.

In an effort to address these issues and to better assist independent developers, E-Link Entertainment is proud to announce an exciting new publishing program that is specifically aimed at bringing PC games from the Western marketplace to China.

As part of this program, E-Link is working with some of the largest PC game distribution platforms in China, alongside outlets within the Chinese games media industry. With a multi-billion dollar marketing place, China is the perfect location for Western developers to expand their player base and improve their revenue streams.

With years of game publishing experience in both the East and West, E-Link has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. Working directly with publishers/developers, E-Link manages to devise successful marketing strategies that are tailored to the specific needs of their clients.

Publishers and developers that take advantage of this program will benefit from a full package of publishing services and all associated costs will be covered by E-Link Entertainment. This includes text and cultural localization, marketing and PR promotion, government licence acquisition, and any other necessary business supporting activities. The program will also offer a minimum guarantee for selected games.

If you are a PC game publisher or developer looking to pursue new distribution avenues to supplement your current strategy, please contact E-Link (info@elinkent.com) and introduce your game to a brand new audience.

About E-Link Entertainment:
E-Link Entertainment publishes gaming content across the globe, offering game publishers and developers direct access to the Chinese market through unique strategies and business connections. E-Link has successfully launched top titles including Heroes Blade and Dungeon Champions, with many more on the way.