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What is the process working with E-Link?

The first step is to contact us about your game (publishing@elinkent.com). We will gauge the potential success of your game for the Chinese market and go from there. There is no commitment beforehand; we believe in transparency and open-dialogue so will be in touch every step of the way.


What games will do well in China?

In general, polished casual games, games with unique gameplay, RPGs, and Strategic games do well. Only Freemium games stand a chance. Our partners in China are especially keen after games that are highly-quality with polish, as well as games themed around established IP.



Publishing with E-Link vs. self-publishing.

China s booming economy is also highly protected. Only Chinese companies with the right permits and licenses can publish content. On top of that, getting the attention of 3rd Party App Stores is just as challenging. E-Link is fully integrated and can streamline the entire process, with connections to top App Stores.


What is the cost of Publishing services?

Each game is different, so we are happy to cater our services accordingly, creating a structure that accommodates everyone.


What other services does E-Link offer?

E-Link can advise on the changes required for preparing your game for the Chinese Market; they can also implement changes as well with their experienced development team.


In addition, E-Link offers Publishing Services world-wide, Mobile Development, Marketing Consultation, Game Analysis, and more. See www.elinkent.com/services for details.


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