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E-Link will get your game into China, the world’s largest market.


China has overtaken the U.S. and has become the world’s largest mobile market (newzoo, 2015). China was already a close second in 2014 with $18 Billion in mobile gaming revenue to the US $21Billion. The Chinese market is extremely complex with many, ever-changing obstacles for foreign entry. It is also fragmented with 76% of the mobile market on local 3rd party app stores; in other words, not the App Store or Google Play.


E-Link makes it easy to get your app or game published in China. E-Link has direct access to the top 3rd party app stores, where your app/game will be featured with full Marketing support. E-Link will also ensure your app/game is fully optimized for China, with all the right licensing. Whether through a Full Partnership, or Individual Services, E-Link will support you with the level of control you desire.


E-Link is uniquely structured to get your app/game published directly in China. Through E-Link’s Chinese parent company and network, E-Link will optain all proper government licenses and connect with all major platforms.

A Full Partnership with E-Link Entertainment will prepare your app/game, publish it, and continually get it featured and promoted. All Individual Services listed below would be covered by E-Link. Revenue and costs would be shared. E-Link will take full care of your app/game in China.


E-Link also offers Publishing Services in China as separate, individual, paid services. Whether you’re a signed with another Publisher, wish to Publish your app/game in China on your own, or are a Publisher yourself, E-Link can support you as much or as little as needed.


Google and Apple are by and far the top app stores globally. That is not the case in China, however. Dozens upon dozens of 3rd party app stores have fragmented the market. E-Link is fully integrated to get your game directly published in the top app stores in China. Relationships with the top-performing app stores have given us additional Marketing support and features, as opposed to being lost in the massive crowd.

Local SDK Integrations

China’s mobile ecosystem is rather unique. To fully integrate an app/game into China, it needs to have all the relevant SDKs. That includes all mobile platform/app store SDKs, Social Media, Payment, In-Game Advertising, and other SDKs if/where relevant.


As you may know, localization of a game goes far beyond merely translated text. It includes understanding of local customs/cultures for localized text. The game may possibly need to be rebranded. Gameplay may need to be updated to match local play habits. Storefronts re-arranged. UI repositioned or redone. And so on. E-Link will help indentify the changes and discuss what’s needed.

Government Licenses

Government requirements are constantly changing. 2016 introduced new licensing requirements, and in 2017 certain international sanctions were made from specific countries. E-Link’s parent company is based in China, with the right connections to ensure a smooth process in obtaining the correct licenses.

Store Features

With E-Link’s connections to the top app stores from Baidu and 360, E-Link can help directly pitch your game to the right people to get your app/game featured.

Chinese User Acquisition

E-Link is developing a new ad platform that will allow anyone to tap into the Chinese Market to get Chinese users for their game. Details to be provided soon, but feel free to contact us for more information.

Contact E-Link for more information.


E-Link is uniquely structured with highly sought after connections to get your game to the top in China. Whether you’re interested to learn more about E-Link and the Chinese market, or you’re ready to get your game published in China, contact us now, regardless of the stage your game is in.


Fill out the Contact form on this page, or email us directly:


What is the process working with E-Link?

The first step is to contact us about your game. We will gauge the potential success of your game for the Chinese market and go from there. There is no commitment beforehand; we believe in transparency and open-dialogue so will be in touch every step of the way.

What games will do well in China?

In general, polished casual games, games with unique gameplay, RPGs, and Strategic games do well. Only Freemium games stand a chance. Our partners in China are especially keen after games that are highly-quality with polish, as well as games themed around established IP.

Publishing with E-Link vs. self-publishing.

China’s booming economy is also highly protected. Only Chinese companies with the right permits and licenses can publish content. On top of that, getting the attention of 3rd Party App Stores is just as challenging. E-Link is fully integrated and can streamline the entire process, with connections to top App Stores.

What is the cost of Publishing services?

Each game is different, so we are happy to cater our services accordingly, creating a structure that accommodates everyone.

What other services does E-Link offer?

E-Link can advise on the changes required for preparing your game for the Chinese Market; they can also implement changes as well with their experienced development team.


In addition, E-Link offers Publishing Services world-wide, Mobile Development, Marketing Consultation, Game Analysis, and more. See www.elinkent.com/services for details.


Whether you’d like to get started or want to learn more, we’d be happy to discuss your project at any stage.

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