E-Link Entertainment Ltd. | ChinaJoy 2015 Summary
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ChinaJoy 2015 Summary

ChinaJoy 2015 Summary

E-Link had a great time at ChinaJoy this year, despite the infamous heat and humidity. Many fruitful conversations were had with mobile developers and publishers from both China and other countries, either looking to publish games in China or to publish games in the West. We definitely look forward to sharing some of the projects that came from it.

With the 15-year console ban lifted in China, there was of course Sony and Microsoft presence. PC games and VR had a showing as well. However, the vast majority of the show was focused on Mobile. Because of the red-tape required to publish a game in China (see our post on how to publish a game in China for more), expectedly the majority of exhibitors were from China. Some of the major players included Tencent, Perfect World, Yinhan, Shanda Games, and others.

Interesting data from the Expo (via Niko Partners)

• Biggest show to-date, with 272,000 walking through the gates. (vs. 52,000 at the last E3 -IGN)
• Media actually down 19% to 7,333
• Official Government Data:
  - Total market = $9.8 bil, +21.9% YOY
  - PC client-based games = $4.3 bil, up 4.5% YOY
  - Mobile games = $3.4 bil, up 67.2% YOY
  - Webgames = $3.3 bil, up 12% YOY
  - Social games = $400 million
• Some predictions that Mobile will be more regulated, like PC and Console.
Over the years as China will draw more and more attention as it becomes the world’s largest gaming market, and undoubtedly we’ll begin seeing a lot more foreign companies at ChinaJoy. We look forward to helping game companies take a bite out of that massive pie.
Thanks to all those who took the time to meet with us. If we missed you feel free to reach out, or if you’re interested to talk more about publishing games either in China or Western Markets, we’re open for a chat info@elinkent.com (have a look at our services too: elinkent.com/services/).

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