E-Link Entertainment Ltd. | E-Link to Launch Top Action-RPG Worldwide
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E-Link to Launch Top Action-RPG Worldwide

Locojoy’s Million Dollar Mobile RPG in China to launch globally as HEROES BLADE with E-Link Entertainment



Top Chinese million-dollar mobile action-RPG from Chinese studio Locojoy to launch globally with specialty publisher E-Link Entertainment, as HEROES BLADE.


VANCOUVER, BC – June, 2016 – Locojoy, a veteran mobile gaming studio in China, has partnered with E-Link Entertainment, a specialty mobile gaming publisher and developer, to bring one of Locojoy’s top mobile action-RPGs in China to global audiences. Currently soft-launched in select countries, Heroes Blade will soon be available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play Store.

“Heroes Blade has given us tremendous success in China. We hope to amplify that success in Western markets, with the help of E-Link Entertainment’s experience in publishing games between Western and Chinese markets,” said Minghua Cui, VP of Locojoy. “Locojoy know how to make great games as proven with their track record in China, so we’re delighted to help launch one of their top titles worldwide,” comments Mark Newington, COO of E-Link Entertainment.


In Heroes Blade, players will assemble their team of unique Heroes, and take on a massive campaign filled with epic Titan bosses, or take on the Global PvP Battle Arena for global bragging rights. Heroes Blade features:



  • Unique heroes: Assemble a team of heroes, fight with their unique skills and attributes.
  • Endless combinations & strategies: Balance brute force, range-attacks, healers and more.




  • Elves, pirates, pandas, & many more: Dozens of unique heroes each with different classes.
  • Fully upgrade & customize: Numerous armor, accessory, and weapon slots + unique items.  




  • Massive Titans await you: Throughout the Campaign and Dungeons, Titan battles await.
  • Endless gameplay: Campaign, Dungeons, Hero Trials, Expeditions, PvP Modes, & more.



  • Duel with players globally: Choose your best team and battle others worldwide.
  • Join a Guild: Find friends and create the strongest Guild to compete for Resources.


Heroes Blade is currently in Soft Launch in select countries and will be available globally in the weeks to come on the App Store and Google Play. To preview Heroes Blade, please contact info@heroesblade.com.



Website: www.heroesblade.com

Facebook: facebook.com/heroesbladegame  

Twitter: twitter.com/heroesblade

Presskit: press.heroesblade.com 





About E-Link Entertainment
E-Link Entertainment is a specialty publisher and developer of mobile games. E-Link publishes content on platforms worldwide with their expertise and integrated network, and develops mobile content, in addition to a wide array of services for the mobile gaming industry. E-Link was founded in 2013 as a collaboration between gaming industry experts from both East and West, helping bridge the gap for the industry globally.



About Locojoy Games

Locojoy is a top mobile game developer and publisher in China. It was founded in 2011 with the idea of “spreading happiness across the world”. Many of Locojoy’s titles are consistently ranked within the top 10 in the Chinese market. Locojoy’s I’m MT was the number one grossing game on the App Store in China for nine consecutive months. It’s MT2 was published by Tencent and was the top gross game just six hours after its release. I’m MT has attracted more than 70 million users with 2.56 million DAU at its peak.



Press Contact & Press Kit

Name: Mike Man, Marketing, E-Link Entertainment

Email: mman@elinkent.com (for direct Beta access)

Phone: +1 (604) 638-8383

Press Kit: press.heroesblade.com