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Pre-Install on Huawei


Imagine your game pre-installed with the world’s #3 mobile phone manufacturer.


E-Link has partnered with the global smartphone giant, Huawei, to help source top mobile android games to join their platform. E-Link has direct access to Huawei’s gaming portal/pre-installs. It is the perfect opportunity to supplement your game’s publishing strategy, reaching new markets with through new channels.

Huawei is #3 in the World

Huawei has the world’s largest market-share of smartphones, right after Samsung and Apple. You have the opportunity to have your game pre-installed on Huawei devices for an automatic/native install!

Monetize New Countries

The popularity of Huawei devices transcend the top App Store and Google Play Store markets, allowing you to monetize markets you never thought possible. What that means is that you can multiply the distribution of your game with ease, reaching markets that don’t traditionally perform well with the App Store and Google Play.

Localized Distribution

In markets where Huawei’s gaming platform is full established, joining the platform will also connect to local distribution platforms, local social networks, and local payment gateways. These are markets, channels, payment systems, and social networks that the App Store and Google Play Store do not reach.

In-App Purchases & Subscription Revenue

In addition to earning In-app purchase revenue in games with the regular Free-to-Play model, Huawei also offers a Subscription model where users pay for a bundle of games on a monthly basis. This opportunity is perfect for those who have a bundle of games to offer, and perhaps have some that have not quite yet perfected the IAP monetization.

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E-Link can get you directly pre-installed on Huawei devices. It is a fantastic opportunity to supplement your game’s publishing strategy. Contact us to find out more!


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