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You need more than great content.


With such intense competition today in entertainment and gaming, having a great game/app alone is not enough. Marketing is absolutely critical, branding and communications are key.


E-Link will develop attractive branding and messaging to reflect the quality and unique attributes of your game/app. It goes much deeper than a fancy logo with a punchy headline, every word and image must present and reflect the quality of your game consistently. With E-Link’s vast Marketing experience, they will help you balance science and art to maximize discoverability and app store optimization.


Once your game is presented properly, E-Link can work with you to develop and maintain all channels consistently to attract users to your game/app: App Store Optimization, UA/Advertising, PR, Partnerships, Website, Social, and Community.


E-Link will help you brand your content in the best possible light to maximize organic and paid user-growth. Proper Marketing is absolutely critical for users to try your game/app; you may have the best content in the world but for someone to even give it a chance, the quality of your game needs to be reflected in all Marketing material and channels.


E-Link will be happy to offer any level of Marketing support you require. Contact us to enquire further.

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