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MGF Seattle 2015 Recap

MGF Seattle 2015 Recap

The Mobile Game Forum is relatively new to Seattle, traditionally held in London. We were quite thrilled by the show, even though it’s been in Seattle for only a couple years it has quickly taken off. MGF Seattle was a fantastic mix of fresh indie devs and powerhouse studios, with a range of companies offering tools and services, in a more intimate setting. We met some fantastic developers, both large and small, and look forward to publishing some stellar games in both the East and West.

MGF E-Link Post
Good times were had outside of the show-proper. We made out like bandits at the MGF Space Needle party’s Blackjack table (if only it was real money), 5AM fire alarm fun at the hotel (we wouldn’t have woken up otherwise at least), great food at the show (and at the Jack in the Box outside the show).

The talks themselves offered great insights from all perspectives. The larger organizations tended to give more high-level presentations with the up and comers offering further insights. To save you from a verbose essay on the information shared, here is a highlight from some of the talks in point-form. Reach out to us if you have any questions or comments!

MGF Seattle –  Key Takeaways

  • Overall Trends

    • UA costs continue to be astronimical
      • Big companies have IP to stand out
      • Innovation is critical
    • Need of a Publisher more and more
      • Make sure you know what you’re getting into
      • Indies can survive in a small-scale
    • Many, mostly big companies, talk about TV, Asia especially. Quite effective (if you can afford it)
    • Most games we’ve seen target mid-core/hardcore gamers; a sign of evolving users
  • Execution Labs

    • Outside top 100, impossible to survive, Apple Feature effects only 5 days
    • 3 things for mobile success
      • Small team (<10)
      • Get a publisher
      • Unfair advantage (IP, Innovation, ie. Competitive advantage)
  • Tilting Point

    • Landscape
      • Only 15% Top Grossing games are Indie, mostly Casino
      • Top Downloads are 50/50, pub/indie
      • Premium Market is 2/3 indie
    • Tips
      • If indie, think small/weird
      • 1M users better than $1M revenue [E-Link only agrees if you’re able to monetize them)
      • Work-for-hire
  • Spry Fox

    • How they work
      • Game Criteria
        • Game needs to be fun, no art at first
        • 4 games thrown away for every 1
        • 3 to 4 months dev tops
        • Answer 2 of 3: Original 2. Addictive in 60s 3. Virality (to avoid UA)
      • Soft Launch
        • Only good for Retention
        • Stronger users than when featured
        • Features more important than UA
  • Tune

    • Organic Multiplier of Ads
      • ½ of people who clicked an Ad, downloaded via Search!
      • Equal distribution of downloaders, amongst those who see an Ad 1 time before downloading, 2 times, 3 times, and 3+
      • For every paid install, 1.5X organic
  • Yetizen

    • Secret Store Ranking Algorithms
      • iOS
        • (Installs*time-frame) + (Installs*time-frame) + (Installs*time-frame) + (Ratings, Engagement, Sales)
        • Contact us for more “secret” details
      • Google
        • 200 things in the formula
        • Installs, traffic, engagement, sales, + much more
        • Contact us for more “secret” details
      • Tips
        • Cycle Ad networks
        • 80,000 downloads to get top 10 Apple
        • ASO Key
          • Icon, eyes
          • Title, 3 words
  • Reliance Entertainment

    • India Landscape
      • Everyone has one smartphone, one low-end
      • 7% of global Google Play Store
      • Mostly 2G, Edge… but 4G in December
      • Users get new devices every 8 months
      • Java still huge
      • Important
        • Culturalize, multiple Indian languages
        • File size
        • Quick plays
        • Racing, runners, gambling
      • Payment
        • No one wants to pay
        • 97% prepaid
        • Stores dropped the min. IAP price in India
  • 6Wave – HK, Japan, TW

    • Offline is big, TVC, OOH, Magazines
    • 13 of 25 top games from non-Asian countries
    • Taiwan – Celebrity endorsements are huge
    • SEAP – Thailand is fresh, Indonesia growing, Singapore/Malaysia most developed
  • Rovio

    • Top Ad Agencies are behind in mobile, huge untapped funds
  • Google

    • 51% of US are mobile gamers, 60% by 2019 | Console is 15% and only 17% by 2019
    • 77% users research a game first, 27% use Search to find apps
    • Universal App Campaigns launched

We hope you’ve found something useful here; we’d be happy to share more detail or offer further of our own insights as well, just drop us a line!


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