E-Link Entertainment Ltd. | Mobile Games Roundup – November 2017
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Mobile Games Roundup – November 2017

Mobile Games Roundup – November 2017

Another Hit on Their Hands?


Released in the summer of 2016, Pokemon Go became a worldwide phenomenon. Players young and old took to the streets to track down Pokemon in an attempt to “catch them all”. The AR game was a global hit and now GameSpot has published an article reporting that the developers behind the tremendously successful game, have confirmed that they’re making a new AR game based on the magical world of Harry Potter.



Nintendo’s Mobile Games Nominated for Awards


Nintendo have only recently ventured into the mobile games market but their first two entries e, Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Warriors, have both been nominated for the best Mobile Game of the year at the upcoming Game Awards. The awards ceremony honours the best in gaming and will be held in Los Angeles on December 7, 2017. For a full list of the games nominated for each category, visit the Game Awards 2017 official website.



Award Winning Games Studio Announces Layoffs


When Telltale games released The Walking Dead, it took the gaming industry by storm, it captivated a global audience with its branching story, its style, and its tense atmosphere. It would go on to win numerous game of the year awards and would propel the studio to stardom. The studio began announcing game after game based off of popular franchises (Minecraft, Borderlands, Game of Thrones, and the Wolf Among Us). Unfortunately though, the follow up games did not receive the worldwide acclaim and as the years progressed, their game engine showed signs of aging, which became a major drawback for many players and reviewers.  In an attempt to restructure and focus on “delivering fewer, better games with a smaller team”, Telltale have announced that they’re laying off 25% of their current staff. Read the full story over at Polygon.


Happy Birthday Candy Crush


This week marks the 5th anniversary of Candy Crush Saga and even though it’s been around  for half a decade, its still incredibly popular and regularly features in the top grossing lists for both iOS and Android. NBC2 ran a story on the continued success of the franchise and the recently released figures by King (the games developer) that announced a combined total of 2.73 billion downloads for the global franchise.



Sold for $100 Million


In an effort to expand their mobile gaming empire, Zynga has announced that they have acquired Peak Games, a mobile games studio based out of Turkey that specialises in casual card games. Frank Gibeau, CEO of Zynga, said of Peak games,They have the largest mobile rummy game in the world, and the largest spades game in the world.” For more information on this acquisition and the interview with Frank Gibeau, visit Venturebeat.




Even Giants Need a Little Help


With China’s mobile games market being so huge, it makes sense that a giant gaming company like Nintendo would be interested in entering into the marketplace. The potential to reach millions of Mario fans is an enticing one, but in an article over at PocketGamer, its reported that the president of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima, believes that to be successful in this market, they would need to partner up with a Chinese company. It’s a sentiment shared by many game developers and publishers outside of China, as penetrating the marketplace can be a tricky ordeal for games both big and small.



Snapchat to Become a Games Publisher?


Chinese superpower, Tencent, has recently acquired 12% of the social media platform, snapchat. The investment will enable Tencent to explore “cooperation opportunities” with Snapchat regarding mobile games publishing and newsfeeds. For a deeper analysis of this acquisition and a little background on Tencent, Head over to GamesIndustry.biz and read the article by James Batchelor.



PUBG Clones Coming to Mobile


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become a global phenomenon, especially within Chinese gaming culture, which also makes up a large percentage of PUBGs player base. The success of the game has spawned many copycats and with the huge mobile gaming market in China, it makes sense that companies would attempt to recreate PUBGs success on handheld devices. Most recently, Tencent announced plans to bring their own battle royal themed game to mobile, you can read about that over at DotEsports.



Monster Strike Succeeds in China


Japanese developers, Mixi, released Monster Strike, a puzzle game for iOS and Android in 2013. The game was praised by critics and became a commercial success. Looking to expand on that initial success, they wanted to bring their game to the ever growing Chinese mobile gaming market. Earlier this year, Mixi successfully launch Monster Strike in China and thanks to this new audience, they’ve successfully surpassed 40 million total downloads, as noted in this article by PocketGamer.



Chinese Mobile Gaming Recognized at the Game Awards


As mentioned above, mobile gaming in China is incredibly popular and is projected to account for over half of China’s overall gaming revenue, which stands at $27.5 Billion. The rise and popularity of this market is not lost on the Western games industry though. This year, the annual awards show will have a separate category dedicated to Chinese mobile games and the ceremony will partner with Tencent to air the show live in China.  Its a move that speaks to the growing influence China is having on the games industry as a whole and a move that recognizes the gamers in China too. For a full list of contenders within the Chinese gaming category, visit the Game Awards official website.