E-Link Entertainment Ltd. | Mobile Gaming Roundup CHINA – 04/08/2016
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Mobile Gaming Roundup CHINA – 04/08/2016

Mobile Gaming Roundup CHINA – 04/08/2016

Disney AR in childhood education | China’s $2 Billion E-sports market | Sina FIFPro partnership

China’s Mobile Gaming Industry for the Week Ending April 8, 2016. Welcome to E-Link’s weekly roundup of mobile gaming news in China. With our team in China, we choose the most useful/relevant news in the Chinese mobile gaming industry.


Neo Bear is partnering up with Disney to create an AR early childhood education industry in China.
In 2015, Neo Bear received 120 million RMB ($19 million USD) investment by multiple capital firms. Neo Bear’s AR educational game, Pocket Zoo, sold 1.5 million copies bringing in over 100 Million RMB ($15 million USD) in revenue and a growing customer base of over 3 million. With this success, Neo Bear plans to expand their line of products and have just announced its partnership with several top tier IP holders including Walt Disney, and also the release of its revolutionary smart gear for children, MagnifierNEO.


According to a recent report by iResearch, the Chinese mobile E-sports market size will reach $1.2 Billion USD in 2016 and will grow to $2.2 Billion USD by 2019. This staggering growth in the E-sports market will soon exceed China’s entire 2013 mobile gaming market of $2 Billion USD. There are several more reports backing the market forecast, including reports generated from the Entertainment Business Department under the Chinese government and Gama Data consulting. In 2016, there will be approximately 600, both online and offline, mobile e-sports tournaments just from Tencent alone.


Sina announced their partnership with FIFPro for Sina’s new game Hand of God. With the partnership, the game is now able to legally use the real portraits of almost 3000 famous world class international soccer stars, including all soccer clubs registered under FIFPro. Sina believes that this partnership will provide Hand of God a strong advantage over other competitors on the market.


Top Games on April 8, 2016 (iPhone, China)

Top 3 Free iOS apps

  1. Jiàn Xiá Jī Yuán  gGǔ Jiàn (RPG, Ancient Chinese fantasy setting)
  2. FallenSouls (RPG, Might and Magic style design)
  3. Shàng Dì Zhī Shǒu (Card battle, FIFPro licenced)


Top 3 Paid iOS apps

  1. Wǔ Shén Zhào Zǐ Lóng (Card-based RPG, Ancient Chinese fantasy setting based off of hit TV series)
  2. Líng Yù (RPG, Game adaptation of famous online fantasy novel)
  3. Dà Xiá Guà Liǎo (RPG, Ancient Chinese fantasy setting)


Top 3 Grossing iOS apps

  1. Fantasy Westward Journey
  2. Westward Journey Online
  3. Hero Moba



source: App Annie
image source: superd3d


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