E-Link Entertainment Ltd. | Mobile Gaming Roundup CHINA – 04/15/2016
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Mobile Gaming Roundup CHINA – 04/15/2016

Mobile Gaming Roundup CHINA – 04/15/2016

Meizu enters the fight | Chinese Government’s view on VR industry | Desktop VR experience for gamers

China’s Mobile Gaming Industry for the Week Ending April 15, 2016. Welcome to E-Link’s weekly roundup of mobile gaming news in China. With our team in China, we choose the most useful/relevant news in the Chinese mobile gaming industry.


Meizu, major consumer electronics production company, announced the establishment of their subsidiary company Mèi Zú Hù Yú  in a press conference this Wednesday. Their subsidiary company will focus on making top quality mobile games with major IPs and designed to suit what gamers truly want. One of the highlights of the press conference was the announcement of a mobile game based on the iconic Japanese anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion. With the release date currently set to be in May 2016, this will be the first game to hit the Chinese mobile gaming market under Meizu’s subsidiary company. Meizu also stated that there are a number of mobile games under production with famous IPs such as Candle in the Tomb, God of War, and Dà Shèng Jué Qǐ.


Chinese Government identifies main areas that need development in order to fully take advantage of booming VR industry.
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released <VR industry development white paper> earlier this month. Within the report, government officials and researchers outlined 2 major advantage China has when developing this booming industry: population size; and a well developed IT industry. However, government official Diāo Shí Jīng stated that further research is needed in a number of areas in order to develop policy to support VR industry development. Some scholars and investors also commented on the lack of skilled VR content developers and VR industry professionals will be a significant factor that affects the growth of VR industry in China.


Tán Zhèng: Desktop VR experience is what gamers truly want.
Tán Zhèng, AntVR CEO, stated his goal is to bring VR experience back to desktop during his speech at Unity 2016 Asian Developers Conference. He also stated that not all Chinese gamers have the free space required at their home to setup VR equipment and gamers would like to enjoy VR comfortably. Players should be minimal while enjoying VR and all character movement should be completed with both hands. With solutions covering all types of VR content prepared, Tán will incorporate more control options such as hand gestures and voice command into their VR product in the future. But this integration will happen only when VR becomes mainstream and accessible to most people.


Top Games on April 15, 2016 (iPhone, China)

Top 3 Free iOS apps

  1. Měi Měi Xiǎo Diàn (Female character customization mobile game)
  2. Zuò Yāo Jì (Card-based RPG, Ancient Chinese fantasy setting)
  3. Wǔ Shén Zhào Zǐ Lóng (Card-based RPG, Ancient Chinese fantasy setting based off of hit TV series)


Top 3 Paid iOS apps

  1. Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky (Heroes Charge style RPG, Settings based off of famous PC game series, Ancient Chinese fantasy)
  2. Calabash Brothers (Heroes Charge style RPG, Settings based off of a famous Chinese animation series, Ancient Chinese fantasy)
  3. The Soul (Dynasty Warrior style ARPG, Ancient Chinese fantasy setting)


Top 3 Grossing iOS apps

  1. We Fly (Raiden style shooter, Control ancient Chinese heroes and sci-fi characters instead of planes)
  2. Fantasy Westward Journey
  3. Westward Journey Online



source: App Annie
image source: i3.shouyou.itc


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