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Mobile Gaming Roundup CHINA – 05/13/2016

Mobile Gaming Roundup CHINA – 05/13/2016

In-game voice-chat on mobile | Gaming controller overload | DAU > ARPU.

China’s Mobile Gaming Industry News for the Week Ending May 13, 2016. Welcome to E-Link’s weekly roundup of mobile gaming news in China. With our team in Beijing, we choose the most useful/relevant news in the Chinese mobile gaming industry.


Founder of Agora.io believes that voice communication in mobile and VR games will be a standard feature in the future.

At the current stage of the mobile gaming industry, in-app voice communication between players is becoming a vital part of the experience. With voice, not only players can engage in tactical communication during combat, but can also enhance their experience socially. The founder of Agora.io comments that PC/Console players are used to using voice communication but mobile gamers only utilize typing and emojis to communicate. With mobile games that focus on team based competitions, voice communication is a critical component when making strategic arrangements. Voice communication implementation is still at its early stage within the mobile gaming industry, but in the near future, it will be a standard feature for mobile games.


Wild West of the mobile gaming controller market.

3 years had passed since the mobile gaming market witnessed exponential growth in 2013. To this day,  we can see the market growth rate starting to stabilize.  Competitive mobile gaming, the by-product of the rapid market growth in mobile gaming, drew support from players in China with strong market data.  Players are attracted to competitive mobile gaming because of its entertainment value, and highly competitive nature. In order for players to enhance their gameplay experience, more players are investing into mobile gaming controllers when playing competitively. Many companies have started manufacturing controllers for the market. Unfortunately, with the lack of an industry standard, sub-par supporting software, and huge variation in pricing between products, these factors greatly limit the growth potential for the mobile gaming controller industry. Before the industry can solve these challenges, it will be hard for mobile gaming controllers to be a must have accessory in the competitive mobile gaming world.


Developers put more focus onto increasing DAU rather than ARPU.

There are 3 main components explaining why this is happening. First, according to a report by DataEye, 59.63% of Chinese mobile gamers are spending over 30 minutes daily on games and 30% of all gamers are classified as hardcore gamers. Also, Chinese mobile gamers are playing more frequently to 8.94 times each day. With the increase in time spent and frequency on mobile games, it is reasonable to see an increase in DAU for mobile games.

Secondly, with the rapid popularization of competitive mobile games such as Hero Moba and CrossFire, more mobile games put focus on DAU rather than APRU. It wasn’t until Q3 of 2015 that competitive mobile games started to flourish. According to a report by 360 in 2015, MOBA mobile games’ 2 week retention rate were double the average of all other mobile game genres. Industry professionals stated that even players that does limited IAP, the high retention rate and DAU, and a longer game life cycle will help companies bring in steady long term income.

Lastly, the competition in the mobile gaming market is growing constantly. Mobile games that only focuses on UA and IAP in the past are now forced to change their tactics. In order to stand out among competitors, pursuing the route of publishing high quality mobile games is now the standard in the industry. With the support of regular content updates, high quality mobile games can achieve high DAU and long term spending from players.


Top Games on May 13, 2016 (iPhone, China)

Top 3 Free iOS apps

  1. Cái Fù Lè  (Chinese gambling app)
  2. Qiàn Nǚ Yōu Hún  (ARPG; Ancient Chinese fantasy setting)
  3. Sweet Alice (Character dressup, similar to Qí Jì Nuǎn Nuǎn)

Top 3 Paid iOS apps

  1. Mó Shòu x Mó Shòu (ARPG, Heroes Charge play style with World of Warcraft settings)
  2. Endless Chaos
  3. Zhū Shén Huáng Hūn (ARPG, Ancient Chinese fantasy setting)

Top 3 Grossing iOS apps

  1. Fantasy Westward Journey
  2. Qí Jì Nuǎn Nuǎn
  3. Wèn Dào



source: App Annie
image source: robotinvader


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