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Mobile Gaming Roundup CHINA – 07/01/2016

Mobile Gaming Roundup CHINA – 07/01/2016

New Chinese Law = no iOS games| Hua Wei VR | Co-Publishing Era

China’s Mobile Gaming Industry News for the Week Ending July 1, 2016. Welcome to E-Link’s regular roundup of mobile gaming news in China. With our team in Beijing, we choose the most useful/relevant news in the Chinese mobile gaming industry.


First day of China’s new publishing law, only 2 new mobile games were available at the end of the day.

Starting July 1st, 2016, all mobile games must obtain approval from the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of The People’s Republic of China (SAPPRFT). Any new content updates for mobile games that are already approved will be deemed as a new mobile game, which means publishers need to obtain a new approval before updating. By the end of July 1st, the first day this new law came into effect, there were no mobile games online in iOS store and merely 2 new mobile games online on other android stores. According to App Annie, over 50% of the mobile games in Chinese top 50 leader boards are not yet authenticated at the end of the July 1st. If these mobile games don’t get the certification prepared by end of September 2016, they will need to cease their operation immediately. With approval fees ranging from 15,000~20,000 RMB and the approval time of 1 ~ 3 months, indie developers are affected the most given their limited resources to begin with.


Hua Wei is releasing its first VR product in mid July, no gain share required for developers in the first year.

With Hua Wei’s plan to launch their VR product in mid-July of 2016, Hua Wei claims that users will be able to access thousands of free movies, hundreds of panorama photos and 40 games for free. To further support Hua Wei’s VR development, Hua Wei launch their own open VR platform for content creators. Despite the contents created are unsatisfactory, Hua Wei plans to increase incentives for top 100 content creators by waiving 1 year of gain sharing. The VR product will also support Google’s Daydream platform during the release.


Co-Publishing for mobile games is gaining popularity in China.

In China, more small-medium size game developers have decided to go along with co-publishing services, which means that the game will be given to multiple publishers in overlapping regions. With the increase in development and UA cost, it would be logical to mitigate the risk of failure by strategically partnering with other companies. Applying co-publishing strategy with multiple publishers/distribution channels that have different strength and focus can maximize coverage of the game and reduce risks/costs for each individual publishers.


Top Games on July 1, 2016 (iPhone, China)

Top 3 Free iOS apps

  1. Carrot Fantasy 3  (Tower Defence; Sequel of Carrot Fantasy 2 )
  2. Hero MOBA
  3. CSR Racing 2

Top 3 Paid iOS apps

  1. Shǎn Diàn Tū Xí  (Strategy; WWII setting)
  2. Heroes of Chaos  (ARPG; Western Fantasy setting)
  3. Bù Luò x Lián Méng  (Heroes Charge style gameplay; Dota style charater design)

Top 3 Grossing iOS apps

  1. Fantasy Westward Journey
  2. Hero MOBA
  3. King of Fighters 98 Online




source: App Annie
image source: vrlife.news


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