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Sell Your Products in China



As the largest ecommerce market in the world, China is at the forefront of retailing in the digital age. As their market share continues to grow, more and more companies are looking to make the transition from the West to the East. It’s a tantalizing prospect and one that can be achieved with a well thought out strategy …That’s where we come in.


Our team of dedicated professionals have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Chinese marketplace and can help you to launch your product/service in the territory and maintain/retain your user base.


Covering apps, games, and e-commerce, we’re well equipped to provide you with a customizable marketing solution that can be tailored to your specific needs and ambitions.


To get started and to see how we can help, just answer this simple question:

Which area best represents your platform?


Fitness trackers, image editing software, weekly planners, whatever sets your app apart from the rest, we’ll help you promote it and find the right audience for your service.

Localize Your Content

Benefit from well crafted localization efforts that provide your app with the best chance to succeed in the Chinese marketplace. We’ll work with you to ensure that all content is culturally appropriate and suggest ways in which your content can be crafted to better suit the tastes and values of the Chinese population.

Integrate Local SDK's

Most Western analytic tools will not function properly in the Chinese marketplace so you will need to remove them from your app and integrate local SDK’s to analyze player behaviours and other forms of trackable data. We can help you locate the right SDK’s for your app and can assist you in utilize them to build better campaigns.

Publish Your App

Thanks to our connections with major channels, we’re able to offer you a great deal of exposure in the Chinese marketplace. Furthermore, we’ll work with you to pick the most effective channels to get your app into the right hands.

Manage Your Community

Build and maintain an active community of users via message boards and social media networks like WeChat, Weibo, and QQ. We’ll help you find the platforms that your target audience frequently use so that you can communicate with the directly.

Acquire New Users

Choose to manage your own budget for user acquisition or in exchange for a small percentage of your gross revenue, we’ll handle that on your behalf. We’ll set budgets, monitor cost per install (CPI), and use our own resources to acquire them too.


From idle games, to massive online battle arenas, we’re well equipped to help you build your user base and implement effective strategies to boost retention rates.

Access Top App Stores

Our relationships with the top-performing app stores in China has allowed us to provide support and access to Western developers looking to  enter the Chinese Market.

Get Government Licenses

Government requirements are constantly changing. 2016 introduced new licensing requirements, and in 2017 certain international sanctions were made from specific countries. E-Link’s parent company is based in China, with the right connections to ensure a smooth process in obtaining the correct licenses.

Install Local SDKs

China’s mobile ecosystem is rather unique. To fully integrate an app/game into China, it needs to have all the relevant SDKs. That includes all mobile platform/app store SDKs, Social Media, Payment, In-Game Advertising, and other SDKs if/where relevant.

Localize Your Game Content

As you may know, localization of a game goes far beyond merely translated text. It includes understanding of local customs/cultures for localized text. The game may possibly need to be re-branded, gameplay may need to be updated to match local play habits, storefronts re-arranged, UI re positioned, and so on.

E-Link will help identify the changes and discuss what’s needed.

Build Effective User Acquisition Strategies

E-Link is developing a new ad platform that will allow anyone to tap into the Chinese Market to get Chinese users for their game. Details to be provided soon, but feel free to contact us for more information.


If you’re looking to sell clothes online, offer your services as a hairdresser, repairing broken watches, or any other product/service that isn’t an app or game, we recommend this option.

Create Your Online Store

We’ll help you setup your own storefront with local payment solutions integrated seamlessly into the design. We’ll also assist you in additional customer service inquiries that may arise (refunds, sales, promotions).

Design Your Layout

Work with our team of talented designers to create a storefront with an easy to navigate layout and an aesthetic that compliments your brand’s look and feel.

Build Your Brand

We’ll help you build your brand for the Chinese market. Making sure it appeals to their specific cultural values and tastes while still maintaining the essence of your product/service.

Generate User Traffic

Through thoughtful advertising campaigns and connections with major networks, we can promote your product on the channel’s most likely to reach your target audience, boosting your click through rates and traffic numbers.

Why Choose Us?


If you don’t want to pay the flat rate fee, there is an opportunity for selected products to enjoy our services at no initial cost. All we ask is for a reasonable percentage of future revenue created.

This means that we’ll cover all the expenses in acquiring new users, which eliminates the financial risk on your end. You only pay when you start making money!


With talented professionals located in both the West and the East,
we’re well equipped to provide you with the assistance
and support you need to build a successful business in China.


Throughout the years we have managed to build successful partnerships with the following companies: