E-Link Entertainment Ltd. | BREAK LOOSE: ZOMBIE SURVIVAL
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About This Project

The apocalypse is here, run for your life.


Break Loose: Zombie Survival is a mobile game that throws the player in a post apocalyptic world devastated by zombies. Inspired by the popular mobile game genre, Break Loose is an endless runner that always leaves the player thirsty for more.


The player runs on the streets of a totally destroyed city, where he will find not only zombies and obstacles, but also precious items that will be vital for his survival.


The more distant, more action and frenzy. On Break Loose, the killing of zombies has no end!


“Awesome! Raises the bar of the running games”


“Cool! Doubtless, one of the best games available on Apple store! Cool graphics and sounds, besides an excellent gameplay! Congratulations to all involved! I recommend!”


“Legend. Wait for it…….ary!
Felt like the next Daryl Dixon while playing this game.”


“Excellent! Great gameplay!
The idea of punching and shooting the zombies makes the game addictive.”


“Fantastic! Kill zombies very fast, I like it!”


“Very good and addictive!
Great graphics and mobility! Addictive game!”