E-Link Entertainment Ltd. | FULL METAL ASSAULT
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About This Project

Can you save the world from total destruction!?

Full Metal Assault is an arcade style action game that mixes high energy combat with an adrenaline fueled campaign. You’ll travel to exotic and dangerous locations as you seek to unearth the mystery behind the rise of the mechanical monsters.


Along the way, you’ll encounter waves of vicious enemies ranging from mutated crabs to horrifying zombies. You’ll also encounter epic boss battles against heavily armoured aircraft, mechanical monsters, gigantic robots and much more!


As you play, you’ll earn coins and resources than can be used to unlock weapons and equipment. These items can be upgraded and specific items will offer stat boosts that can greatly impact your performance on the battlefield.


Outside of the campaign mode, you can battle other players in our intense PVP arenas, build a team and compete in our cooperative challenges, or take to the skies in thrilling aerial combat.


Game Features

  • Battle Across Solo and Cooperative Stages
  • Experience an Epic Action Adventure Story
  • Use Explosive Weaponry and Awesome Vehicles
  • Compete Against Other Players in PVP Combat
  • Create Your Own Legion of Super Soldiers
  • Level Up Your Soldier and Customize Your Equipment


Download Full Metal Assault today and save the world!