E-Link Entertainment Ltd. | OVERVOLT: CRAZY SLOT CARS
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Interactive Project

About This Project

The race is on, finish first and win BIG.


OverVolt: crazy slot cars is a fast paced racing game inspired by real life slot car kits, such as racing cars and tracks by Polistil, Scalextric and Carrera.


The goal of the game is to win against the opponents to unlock more powerful cars and progress to more game words. This is easier said than done.


The game features real life dynamics of the car, which is controlled by a single button and cars fly off of the track if they corner too fast while in a curve. It is possible to use an array of Power Ups during the race in order to prevail against the opponent, which, in turn will not spare any Power Up to win the races against the player.




  • Original gameplay, Real-life like control with fantasy elements
  • Realistic dynamics
  • Go head-to-head vs CPU or a friend (asynchronous multiplayer)
  • In-race Power-UPs
  • Fully customizable vehicles through device’s camera
  • Unique 2D graphics in 3D world