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Global Games Publishing


E-Link will fully unlock your mobile game’s potential on the App Store and Google Play Store.


The mobile gaming market has overtaken console gaming for the first time, reaching an estimated $30 billion (Newzoo, 2015). The App Store has 369,366 playable games, with 146 games submitted daily (PocketGamer.biz). Compare that to 200 Playstation 4 games in total. Competition in mobile gaming is beyond fierce. The majority of mobile games are presented poorly, and even many high-quality games look rubbish. Games need to pay attention to all aspects of Publishing to stand out from the massive crowd.


Most top grossing titles have taken a great deal of care in Publishing, from Product Marketing, ASO, Social, PR, SEO, to UA and more. E-Link’s experienced team can fully publish your game either through a Full Partnership, or by Individual Services. E-Link can help with as much support as you need.


E-Link’s Publishing Team are mobile gaming industry veterans, based in the global games hub of Vancouver. They will become experts of your game, rebrand if necessary, and launch it while activating all channels of paid and organic User Acquisition.

As the Publishing Partner, E-Link will do everything to ensure the success of your game, including all Individual Services listed below. E-Link will cover Publishing costs and share in the Revenue. E-Link will champion your game on the App Store & Google Play.


E-Link also offers its Publishing Services as separate, individual paid services. Whether you’re a Publisher, seeking a Publisher, or a self-Publisher of your game, E-Link can support you as much or as little as needed.

App Store, Play Store Publishing

E-Link will manage the complete process of publishing content on each platform, run betas and soft launches where necessary, and ensure everything is in place to make full use of all platform features.

Product Marketing

Defining a game to differentiate and brand it amongst the competition is often overlooked, yet most critical aspect of Marketing/Publishing a game. It will shape the game’s brand portrayed on the storefronts, and that brand is really all users have to go on before deciding on whether or not they download your game. E-Link has success in rebranding games for new markets, seeing massive increases in conversions.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

The app store listing consists of the Icon, Title, Screenshots, Description, Keywords, and other information. Optimizing the store listing (App Store Optimization – ASO) is the most important activity, as the listing will influence every single one of your users into downloading your game. All user acquisition, paid or organic, will be dependent on it. To plan the store listing, the Product/Brand need to be developed. To create it, extensive competitive analysis should be done, mixed with the latest tricks of the trade. E-Link has extensive experience with both the App Store and Google Play store and will ensure your game is App Store Optimized.

Web Presence, SEO

Many who want to know more about your game will search for it. It’s important to have a destination, an online hub of your game, a website, where everyone can go to to find a credible source for all information. That website would also need to be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) so that people find the right site. E-Link has the expertise to ensure your game’s website is atop search results, plus E-Link will make sure to create an attractive website to build credibility and brand for your game.

Public Relations

For any major milestone of your game, whether announcement, soft launch, wide launch, update, or company news, getting a Press Release out there will not only get attention around your news, but it also will help set official dates; especially with any website that tracks games. E-Link will ensure your Press Release is properly written, distributed to the right media, and accompanied by a proper media kit.


The game’s community is its backbone. A strong community leads to healthy retention, monetization and even acquisition. Managing a community involves managing communications, social media, reviews, support, and any other outlet where players can voice themselves. Review and Support management have both direct and indirect impacts on Store Conversion rates. Strong community management affects everything, and E-Link’s team of expert gaming Community Managers are here to help.

User Acquisition

Paid User Acquisition is important to get the ball rolling in terms of getting both paid and organic users playing your game. It’s also important for maintaining a steady flow of new users as players lapse over time. E-Link’s experience with UA will help you optimize campaigns, and choose the right networks for you that will not only offer the best Cost-per-Installs (CPIs), but also the best returns. Many networks out there offer great Install-rates, with players that never monetize. E-Link will get you quality users at fair rates.

Contact E-Link for more information.


E-Link can completely take on the Publishing of your game, or offer specific services. Reach out to E-Link no matter what stage of development your game is at, and see if any of our services are right for you.


Fill out the Contact form on this page, or email us directly:


What level of services and which regions are right for your game.

Feel free to contact E-Link to discuss your game’s strengths and areas for improvement. We can help point out where E-Link can help serve your game, or we may uncover how you can improve your game yourself! Whether you’re looking to partner with a publisher to launch your game, or to just chat about one specific area you’re having troubles with, feel free to reach out to us.

What is E-Link’s level of involvement with your game?

It’s up to you whether you want E-Link to help manage every aspect of Publishing or take on a more consulting role. Either way, E-Link will be involved as much or as little as you wish, always working alongside you. It also depends on the services you may need, as some are inherently more hands-on than others. We also have developers who can aid with any project as well.

How much do E-link’s services cost?

<h4>Every game is different with a different level of needs, and so once we figure out if E-Link’s services are helpful to you that can be discussed then.

What other services can E-Link provide?

E-Link can cover the full gambit of Publishing services as outlined. If there are changes to be made with a lack of developers to make them, E-Link has mobile gaming software engineers available as well to work with your team to see the changes through. We also offer Mobile Development as a service, if you do need a full on team to help develop your game. Contact us to see if we’re able to help you.

What other platforms can E-Link publish content on?

What other platforms can E-Link publish content on?

E-Link’s team has had experience publishing games on all platforms – mobile, PC, console, handheld, etc. However, if your game requires a large-scale Publisher E-Link can also help broker relationships as well.


Reach out to us to see if E-Link’s services can help you, regardless of the stage of development your game is in.

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