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Quick China update – IP, RPG, Card on top

Quick China update – IP, RPG, Card on top

We recently had a chat with our man Yuan in Beijing, giving us a quick update on the mobile market. Topping the download charts as always are Casual games, with RPGs generating the revenues.

  • Card games (CCGs, TCGs) are quite mainstream. DOTA Legends is popular. High loyalty and revenue throughout the year.
  • RPGs are more niche, but they generate the most revenue. Has seen a bit of a decline lately, but overall stable.
  • Fantasy Westward Journey has been #1 for consecutive months (the game previously had a PC following)
  • Games based on IP are huge; a few of the top 10 games are based on TV Shows.
  • Casual games continue to reign supreme, match 3 and runners are doing well; Temple Run and Subway Surfers are Western games in the charts.
  • Expects the best recipe for success: IP + casual + innovative + quality graphics.

Kudos to you Yuan. We look forward to sharing more news in the time to come.

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