E-Link Entertainment Ltd. | Upshot of Apple’s Special Event
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Upshot of Apple’s Special Event

Upshot of Apple’s Special Event

Love it or hate it Apple is at the center of mobile. When Apple speaks, the world listens. We summarized the presentation below, or you can watch the full event on Apple’s site on most browsers now (not just OSX/iOS).

TL;DW – Here’s the upshot in order of presentation:

  • Apple Watch
    • New bands
    • OS 2

  • iPad Pro
    • More power
    • Keyboard
    • Nifty new Apple Pencil

  • Apple TV
    • Touchpad remote
    • Games* – Crossy Road, Beat Sports

  • iPhone 6S, 6S Plus
    • 3D Touch – i.e. harder tap for secondary response
    • Live Photos – records up to 1.5s of video while photo taken
    • New Pricing Plans – Rent the latest iPhone for 32$/month, US only.

*Note on Games
Apple TV was once touted as the console-killer. While the multiplayer addition to Crossy Road is a phenomenal addition to the game, the gaming piece of the presentation was pretty lackluster. Harmonix presented their new game Beach Sports which was basically Wii Sports + music. 3D touch will be interesting for gaming though.