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E-Link will make your game stand out in Western Markets.


The mobile gaming market will overtake console gaming for the first time by 2015, reaching an estimated $30 billion (Newzoo, 2015). The majority of mobile gaming revenue is from Western markets (AppAnnie, 2014). Everyone’s focus is clearly on mobile; the App Store has 369,366 playable games, with 146 games submitted daily (PocketGamer.biz). Compare that to 181 Playstation 4 games in total. Competition in mobile gaming is beyond fierce. The majority of mobile games are presented poorly, and even many high-quality games look rubbish as Publishing gets overlooked. Games need to pay attention to all aspects of Publishing, as much as Development, if not moreso, to stand out from the massive crowd.


Most top grossing titles in the app store have taken a great deal of care in Publishing, paying attention to every detail in order to Attract, Retain, and Monetize their players. The experts at E-Link will be able to address every aspect of your game so that your game can sustainably acquire players and keep them playing, while maintaining a healthy monetization.


Everyone at E-Link has extensive experience in the gaming industry, publishing content on every major mobile, PC, handheld, and console platform. In addition to our current focus on Apple and Android, we’ve worked on Windows, Steam, Facebook, Kongregate, and more. Our Publishing, Development, and Marketing teams will help you navigate the subtle nuances of each platform, ensuring that your game is optimized for maximum potential.


E-Link has recently signed a partnership with the global smartphone giant, Huawei, to directly pre-install top quality games on Huwei devices. In effect, that is a gauranteed download for selected games. E-Link will gauge which games are fit for this unique opportunity.


If the quality of your game isn’t reflected in your marketing material, gamers won’t even bother giving it a chance. That includes everything from your game’s product branding, logo, cover art, icon, and screenshots, across every channel such as the App Store, your website, advertising/UA, PR, social, community and more.


Preparing the Game’s Brand
After spending so many months/years in game-development, it’s often overlooked that to the consumer, that little square icon in the Store may be the only part of your game the public will ever see. That, coupled with your game’s description and screenshots are major factors in the decision whether or not anyone even tries your game. Most mobile games don’t pay the proper attention, and their games do poorly as a result. To the would-be consumer, your game’s identity is in the marketing material, which also needs to be optimized for each storefront for rank and search.


Acquiring Users
Once your game is presentable people may find it organically, but in most cases you’ll need to drive users to your game from every channel possible. With E-Link’s experience in online advertising and mobile user-acquisition they can run campaigns effectively through a mixture of the top networks based on your budget. They will access gaming Press effectively for your game, optimizing your spend; they have enough experience in the gaming industry working with numerous PR teams to know what works. E-Link can help create/maintain all owned media: website, social accounts, press materials, and of course the App Store page.


The E-Link Marketing team’s vast experience, from AAA to indie, are ready to help your game’s Marketing at any level.


Perhaps you have players, but have challenges monetizing them. It’s challenging to pinpoint where exactly the issue may be. It could be a combination of onboarding and UI issues, or it may actually be hardware based. E-Link’s diverse team of development and publishing specialists will be able to identify the core problem(s) and address them. Resources are scarce and limited, E-Link can help ensure that they are spent on fixing the right problems as data can often be misleading. E-Link will ensure that your game is firing on all cylinders for your acquisition, retention, monetization, and other KPIs.

Contact E-Link for more information.


E-Link can completely take on the Publishing of your game, or offer specific services. Reach out to E-Link no matter what stage of development your game is at, and see if any of our services are right for you.


Fill out the Contact form on this page, or email us directly:


What level of services and which regions are right for your game.

Feel free to contact E-Link to discuss your game’s strengths and areas for improvement. We can help point out where E-Link can help serve your game, or we may uncover how you can improve your game yourself! Whether you’re looking to partner with a publisher to launch your game, or to just chat about one specific area you’re having troubles with, feel free to reach out to us.

What is E-Link’s level of involvement with your game?

It’s up to you whether you want E-Link to help manage every aspect of Publishing or take on a more consulting role. Either way, E-Link will be involved as much or as little as you wish, always working alongside you. It also depends on the services you may need, as some are inherently more hands-on than others. We also have developers who can aid with any project as well.

How much do E-link’s services cost?

h4>Every game is different with a different level of needs, and so once we figure out if E-Link’s services are helpful to you that can be discussed then.

What other services can E-Link provide?

E-Link can cover the full gambit of Publishing services as outlined. If there are changes to be made with a lack of developers to make them, E-Link has mobile gaming software engineers available as well to work with your team to see the changes through. We also offer Mobile Development as a service, if you do need a full on team to help develop your game. Contact us to see if we’re able to help you.

What other platforms can E-Link publish content on?

What other platforms can E-Link publish content on?

E-Link’s team has had experience publishing games on all platforms – mobile, PC, console, handheld, etc. However, if your game requires a large-scale Publisher E-Link can also help broker relationships as well.


Reach out to us to see if E-Link’s services can help you, regardless of the stage of development your game is in.

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